A smile is your most beautiful jewelry

We make it our life’s work to help you achieve the perfect smile.

We want our patients to see dental medicine in a new light and to guarantee them a personal approach and the undivided attention of our specialists.

The heart of Karolinum

My name is Karolina Kalantyrskaya, and I’m the center’s founder and the Doctor in Chief . Big experience in dentistry and always striving for improvement are the qualities that inspired me to create Karolinum.
Creating our clinic in Prague wasn’t easy, both in terms of its location and the competition.

Our team and I love what we do, and we try to create a pleasant atmosphere in our clinic so that both specialists and clients would always have a smile on their face. That’s also why our logo contains the phrase “like your smile”.
By “team” I mean the three key specialists – doctor, hygienist and dental technician, of whom we are very proud, because it is the teamwork that is the key to success to our patients’ treatment.
We look forward to seeing you. Karolina Kalantyrskaya, DMD

The heart of Karolinum II

My name is Karla Helisová and I am a dental laboratory technician and the other half of the center’s heart. My husband and I are both dental technicians. Our daughter Karolina spent a lot of time in the laboratory while growing up, that is why she has a very special and ‘personal’ attitude to her profession.
I’m proud to be able to offer you the top-class prosthetics created in our laboratory, which has existed since 1993. We use the Amann Girrbach system, which helps us reach outstanding results. That is why our prosthetics look exactly like real teeth.
I’m pleased to be at your service. Karla Helisová.

A word about prices

We want to achieve the best results possible, but cooperation with health insurance companies has its limitations.

Insurance companies pressure doctors to compromise on the quality of the medications and materials used, which we consider unacceptable

Price list