Welcome to Karolinum

We built Karolinum dental center for clients who dream about a beautiful, healthy smile.

The center is anchored on several qualities: dental excellence, empathy, top equipment and modern materials.

It is about the feeling

We want you to feel at home here.

That is why we have create a space that is not similar to any dental clinic you have been to.

Upon your arrival we will offer you Nespresso coffee and Icelandic glacier water Aqua Angels.

Afterwards you can use our teeth cleaning kit.

Quality assurance

We value your comfort and the quality of our equipment.

This is the reason why we have placed the “Ferrari” of dental chairs in each doctor’s office. We present you KaVo E70.

Do you feel like watching a movie, your favorite series or do you want to listen to your favorite music? No problem! We are taking your requests!

We want you to see and understand

We equipped our center with the best machines for the X-Rays of any type (FONA RTG XPAN 3D and FONA XDC) in order to be very efficient and precise in understanding the problem that we will be working on.

We believe that our patient must have an opportunity to observe the whole treatment process and we made it possible thanks to a special camera that projects the images on the screen of your dentist chair.

Treating the highly damaged teeth

When it comes to a complex dental treatment, we tackle the problem with outmost accuracy and attention. That is why we chose the best machines for cleaning the root sytems – X-Smart iQ WaveOne Gold, for apex detection – the CanalPro apex locator, and for canal filling – the ThermaPrep 2.

Dental prosthetics

We also specialize in dental prosthetics.

Since our aim is to offer you services of the highest level, we did our best to lay a high-quality base to your treatment in our clinic.

Our laboratory is equipped with the Amann Girrbach system, which includes a range of instruments, that let us process various types of materials, which is necessary for the creation of high-quality prosthetics that will help you achieve your perfect smile.